Is It Possible to Overdo Your Car Modifications?

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Car modifications can make your vehicle classier, but they can also make it drive faster. However, it is possible to overdo car modifications to the point where your ride is tacky, dangerous, and even illegal. Read on to learn more about how to avoid taking car modifications too far.

Jacking your car up or making it ride low are typical methods of setting a vehicle apart from others on the road, but sometimes this can be viewed as tacky; if you jack up Read the rest of this entry »

Stay Away From These Three Exterior Car Colors

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When you are choosing a car, you may not make the exterior color a deciding factor, but you will find that is a lot better for you to at least think about it. While plenty of people will want to skip a white car because of how quickly it looks dirty, you will find that white cars actually hold their value the longest.

The three colors that seem to depreciate in value the most quickly Read the rest of this entry »

Has Reality TV Increased Tacky Automobile Modifications?

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Automobiles have often been the victim of tacky modifications or “upgrades”, but many now suggest that reality tv has only contributed to this steady decline in classiness. There are now many people who are ashamed to even look at the cars that are flying around US highways and residential roads. They are so bad looking in large part because their owners feel that whatever modifications they have put on them are cool. In reality, the rest of us do not agree.

The interesting thing about all of this is that people have pointed Read the rest of this entry »

Worst Car Modifications of 2012-2013

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Making use of after-market parts for performance enhancement or customizing the look and appearance of your vehicle is a popular option for many drivers and vehicle owners. Learning which modifications will be able to provide you with a superior driving experience and a more professional look and feel for your vehicle, and which options would be best ignored, can be an important concern. Wasting your time, money and efforts on equipment that will not be able to meet with your satisfaction or that will result in an awkward Read the rest of this entry »

Learning to Mod Your Car Without Overdoing It

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We have all seen some tacky car modifications that made us cringe with disgust. You never want your ride to be the butt of someone’s harsh joke. Here are a few tips on modifying your car without overdoing it.

Avoid Cheap Body Kits
Most factory-installed body kits add to the aesthetic appeal of a car. They give the car a low-slung profile without severely lowering the suspension. On the other hand, many aftermarket body kits look tacky and horrendous.Didn’t catch that? here You want to make sure that you are not going to be spending a fortune just to get the car looking a little bit different. You will find that different shops also charge different prices, so make sure to compare professionals before choosing one that you will use. You will notice that doing these modifications on your car might also devalue the vehicle, making it more difficult to sell if you ever decide to list it at some point in the future, but it could save you money on your Car Insurance Prices.